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Our Methodology



Design and Flow offers a unique strategic design process to tackle difficult and pressing issues. Our methodology is to Add Flow through Conversation, Creation, Curation and Circulation. These evolving cycles allow us to identify and steer design that goes beyond pure aesthetics into inspired and impactful design solutions.

Our cycle starts with the initiation of formal and informal Conversations to explore and gain insights into areas where design intervention is needed. We follow these conversations by engaging designers, organizations and communities in the Creation process to design and redesign products, services and systems. We then carefully select and Curate designs and interventions that work within our themes into exhibitions, programming and online content. Finally, we Circulate these designs, thoughts, and conversations through panels and discussions, the D&F label and publication outlets. This process allows us to continuously bridge the educational, practical and consumer worlds by crafting and feeding into a dynamic and evolving system that facilittates actionable change.


Where will design go next?


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