CreateAthon 2018 with AIGA DC

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During the 2018 CreateAthon DC, Design and Flow partnered with AIGA DC to host a workshop on stakeholder mapping and creative briefing for six non-profits taking part in the hackathon. We created a questionnaire for all of the non-profits and drew three key insights from their answers: 

1. Most of the non-profits had a multitude of stakeholders but no clear marketing message to target each of these groups

2. Often times these organization hired different designers or created materials internally, so their marketing materials did not look or feel cohesive

3. It was difficult for these organizations to create a clear and succinct brand story that resonated with all of their audiences

From these insights, we crafted a design strategy presentation on Stakeholder Mapping and developing Creative Briefs. During the CreateAthon, we led a workshop with all of the non-profits to help identify their key constituents, define their messaging for each of these groups, and craft create briefs that enable the development of cohesive marketing materials. We also developed a digital resources toolkit which was shared with the non-profits to support them beyond the conference. 

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