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Inbodied: Agents of Change


Agents of Change Tattoos


The world stands today in dire need of a new wave of design leaders; humans that embody the message of inclusivity and shared responsibility, and that contribute to the rising collective and creative movement to strategically, and positively, address system level challenges and transform the realities around them. Design and Flow empowers  designers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels from around the globe, to reawaken their latent creative capabilities and refocus on a human-centric design process.

During Wanted Design at NYC x Design 2017, we invited people of all ages and expriences to reawaken their creative capabilities and embody the message of inclusivity and shared responsability by downloading an Agents of Change Tattoo chip and joining the #AddFlow movement.

People could choose from the below options and install the temporary tattoo chips on their bodies as a sign of their commitment to the issues:


Tattoo InBodied Agents of Change

Agent of Peace: I am an agent of peace, I design for future generations.

Agent of Earth: I am an agent of the earth, I design for sustainability.

Agent of Culture: I am an agent of culture, I design for the soul.

Agent of Equality: I am an agent of equality, I design for inclusivity.

Agent of Change: I am an agent of change, I design for positivity.

Agent of Science: I am an agent of science, I design for humanity.