Portraits of Change

Designers Who Make A Difference

During NYCxDesign Week 2016 Design and Flow brought together designers and creatives from different backgrounds and disciplines to share how they try and add flow to turbulant systems. Portraits of Change interviewed dozens of designers and design students, bringing together their voices to celebrate visions for a brighter future. The project ended with an evening at Slow Factory where designers mingled and discussed social innovation, reframing how design could create positive social solutions. 


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“As a woman of color, I would like to bring more people of color into the design world through my fashion” — Simone Sullivan (@simone.sullivan), Fashion Designer @parsonsschoolofdesign

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"I want to design things that make people empathetic. I’m not too sure what those things are yet, but I want people to leave my work feeling more empathetic towards the people they know, strangers, groups that are discriminated against, or even themselves." — Jasmine Zhang (@zh.jk), Communications Design @parsonsschoolofdesign.

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“Continuous improvement in manufacturing is such an archaic practice and in a lot of ways is the antithesis of design thinking. For manufacturing to create a positive impact in the world, it needs the implementation of design.” — Nick Morozowich, MS in Strategic Design & Management @parsonsschoolofdesign

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"We live in a designed world, now it's our job to design it better. I design to bring people together, to form lasting connections, and to share my vision for a more beautiful world." — DJiun Wang (@Djiun), Communications Design @parsonsschoolofdesign.

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"I want to design for the purpose of eliminating the environmental effects of fast fashion." - Megan Jana @mjana Strategic Design & Management at Parsons School of Design.