Stephen Weiss Lecture Series

MAY 12, 2016

Stephan Weiss Lecture Series: Design and Flow


In a world often characterized by political turbulence, organizational stasis, and ruthless economic imperatives, strategic design has an increasingly valuable role to play in reintroducing flow to various human activities and institutions. The 2015-2016 Stephan Weiss Lecture Series concludes with a public panel discussion featuring experts drawn from the fields of academia, business, design, and public policy, who will explore emerging developments in the ongoing redesign of products, services, organizations, and entire systems. Establishing a wide designation of the term “flow,” as encompassing all smooth, continuous, and graceful changes, the presentations will focus on ways that efforts to engage end-users and their communities are increasing flow in contexts including mass migration, the treatment of refugee populations, and the recognition of human rights.




Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, VICE on HBO

Alex Gladstein, Human Rights Foundation

Mark Randall, Worldstudio, Impact! Design for Social Change

Mike Davis, and Veda Partalo, Refugees Welcome

Rabih Shibli, The Ghata Project

Azra Aksamija, MIT



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