The New Story vs. The News Story

NOVEMBER 10, 2015

The New Story vs. The News Story Panel and Hackathon


When did journalism and entertainment converge? Why do sensationalist stories dominate our news feed? How do people consume news today and how well do they process and integrate the various points of view? Will editorial content ever manage to cut through all the viral stories, opinions, comments and hashtags?

The New Story Vs. The News Story brought together creatives, students, designers, and teachers for an evening of dissection, discussion and conversation around the intersection of design and media held at Parsons School for Design. The panel examined the evolution of the news landscape, the information flux and the current disconnect between legacy journalism and millennials. Panelists included Tim Stock, co-founder at scenarioDNA, Salah Zalatimo, VP Mobile Products at Forbes Media, and Jay Rosen, Associate Professor of Journalism at NYU moderated by Hala A Malak and Reina Arakji. The panel was followed by a Design and Flow Hackathon discussing how design can add flow by re-imagining the news story.


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