Wear Your Values

Wear Your Values

During NYC Fashion Week Spring 2017 we partnered with The Human Rights Foundation, Oslo Freedom Forum, and Re/Make for their first ever Wear Your Values event hosted at Nuehouse. The event brought together creatives, designers, strategists, and innovators striving to create better, more ethical and sustainable fashion systems. Design and Flow curated an interactive exhibition with fashion brand JAHNKOY for the event. The fashion design team from the Jahnkoy studio, along with the head designer herself beaded tennis shoes and t-shirts at a table while we invited guests to join them and learn about where your clothes actually come from and the practices and traditions behind them.

Additional, we created a temporaty tatoo stand where guests could literally "wear their values" using tattoos we designed and distributed with the five key values of the evening - Freedom, Women's Rights, Transparency, Social Justice, and Conscious Consumption.

Lastly, we collaborated with Parsons School of Design and hosted a student competition where four student project's focused on created more aware fashion practices were displayed and a winner was chosen at the end of the night to attend the Oslo Freedom Forum in New York.

Thank you to Fashion Revolution for showcasing Design and Flow's work at the Wear Your Values event and for including us in your discussion on sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

“We’re all in this together, and together we can really make an impact, drive change, and ultimately create a better, more sustainable, more socially conscious world. At the end of the day, that’s what we need as a community, as a culture,” said Suzannah Tarkington of Design and Flow. 

 Photo courtesy of Wear Your Values Event - JAHNKOY shoes © Leon Williams


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